How do we stand out compared to our competitors?

  1. We use the highest quality raw materials from Oregon and Colorado. They have the strictest regulations on hemp and they are regulated through the Hemp Pilot Program. HPP-The program is administered by Quality Assurance Branch. Licensed growers are required to submit extensive reports on planting, harvesting and movement of industrial hemp. Due to the research nature of the HPP, they track items such as production costs; including pest management, water usage, security measures, labor, marketing and cost factors. There are routine sampling testing for THC, pesticides, and microbes.

  2. We are taking steps to become compliant with FDAregulations through our legislative team. Below are steps on how we are doing so:

  3. Our products are manufactured out of Tampa, FL in a Level 3 SQF (Safe Quality Food) Facility. SQFis used to control food safety risks.

  4. All of our products have a QR code (Matrix barcode or two-dimensional barcode) to pull lab results up in the palm of your hand.

  5. Each product has a Lot Number to identify the specific batch it came from.

  6. We test 4x’s before consumption:

  7. 1. We test the product before we receive it from the farmers.

  8. 2. We test the raw material as soon as it comes into the facility.

  9. 3. We test each batch we make and then send out for 3rd party testing.

  10. 4. We do an extensive stability test to ensure there are no issues with the batch before

    we send it out. This is controlled by the Lot Number.

Your CBD Store Features SunMed Products


A local woman from Bradenton, Rachel Quinn, was the mastermind behind the Your CBD Store idea.

TAMPA, Fla. — This weekend the largest CBD retailer in the country is holding its annual conference in Westshore. A local woman from Bradenton, Rachel Quinn, was the mastermind behind Your CBD Store idea.

“It all started because I had Crohn’s disease and was looking for a way to feel better. I was willing to try anything and one of my friends recommended I try CBD oil,” Your CBD Store founder Rachel Quinn said. “After taking it for 45 days I noticed significant improvements to my health and I felt that I had to pass that on to others that I knew were suffering.”

She launched her first store in Bradenton in 2018 and just one year later the company now has more than 400 retail outlets.

“It’s growing so fast, we are thankful we can help others with CBD,” Quinn said.

Rachel’s husband, Marcus, is the CEO of Your CBD Store and said he’s seen firsthand numerous examples of CBD helping people with their various health ailments.

“CBD oil gave me my wife back and really my family because the Crohn’s disease that my wife had was so debilitating for such a long time there were some days she couldn’t get out of bed,” Marcus said. “It helped her get back to the life she had before being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.”

By 2020, they expect there to be more than 1,000 Your CBD Stores that will help provide relief and comfort to others. The conference in Tampa ends on Saturday, Sept. 14 at 5 p.m. at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tampa Airport.